For spacious skies

Well, my month-long trip home to America is almost finished. It seems like it went by in a flash, and yet at the same time it feels like months ago when I first arrived and my parents met me at the airport.

I haven’t had the time to write much here, but maybe that’s as it should be. I’ve been too busy playing music, seeing friends, and crashing out exhausted to do much blogging. There’s a lot to say on many fronts: work, school, impressions of California, personal relationship stuff, future opportunities, current endeavors. Hopefully I’ll get to at least some of it soon.

I’ll just say this for now: Compared to Korea, the US is a big fucking country. I drove from Merced to San Jose last night, zipping down HWY 59, then turning West into a blazing sunset along 152. I felt like I could see forever. One of the prevailing impressions of being back is that with all the doomsday bullshit vibe that seems to be happening politically in this country, the real saving grace is the continued ingenuity of many of the citizens here and, well, the land. The land is why this country came into being and gave people the opportunity to thrive as they did. While it’s hard to see much greatness in the US right now, and while it may seem that its institutional integrity is showing signs of wear, the land and its people remain strong. I feel a lot of hope in that.

California, by the way, is just goddamned beautiful. I’m going to miss it all over again.


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