This sporting life

This whole Michael Vick thing disgusts me. It’s gotten to the point where the NFL is so crime-ridden and corrupt that it’s not worth my time anymore. I think I’ve reached my limit, no more football for me.

Basketball’s my new sport now. The NBA has a certain competitive purity that I admire. … Wait, shit, I there’s that ref game-fixing scandal. It’s starting to look he might have influenced the outcome of the Suns-Spurs playoff series last year. Okay, so basketball’s out.

Thank god we’ve still got baseball, America’s game. Here we are on the cusp of the most treasured record in baseball, the home run record, about to be broken by the greatest hitter of our generation, Barry Bonds. … Wait, Barry Bonds… Right steroids.

Tennis anyone?


2 Responses to “This sporting life”

  1. dictated Says:

    Well said. I would suggest we bring back the whole “I am not a role-model” ad campaign on TV but I hope most kids can just get the message.

  2. Good idea… But maybe refine it a little: “No really. I am not a role model, don’t you get it?!”


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