My 4 fav new toys

I’m really not into the idea of loading up my Apple with new software. In fact, software doesn’t excite me at all. Give me my five or six apps to master — office stuff, a couple of creative tools, and maybe an app or two for fun — and I’m fine.

But my colleague in Korea is way into Mac wares. He’s also a very persuasive personality. So I’ve integrated about half of his suggestions into my life and I’m happy to have done it. So I might as well evangelize them. They’re all, of course, free:

1. Pando is the perfect collaborative tool. I work with a lot of large files (audio mixes, video files, etc.) and I work collaboratively with people in Korea and the US. Pando is a very clean app for sending and receiving media files.

2. I think most people know about Quicksilver. It’s so much a part of my workflow that I find when I go to a Mac without it, life feels incomplete.

3. Most people also probably know about Skype — an expatriot’s best friend. I can’t imagine anyone with a MacBook not having this as a regular part of their lives. Sometimes technology really is a wonderful thing.

4. Handbrake. This is one I actually found on my own, after trying others that didn’t work. It’s the best thing I’ve found for ripping DVDs to video files. I have to show a lot of video examples in my classes, and with the region code stuff it’s a nightmare. This is a lifesaver.


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