Attack of the parasites

It’s been too long since I’ve gone hiking in California. I thought I could just revert back naturally to Grizzly Adams. Mountain lions, yeah; poison oak, got that covered. I’m cool. I’m nature boy.

Then, with the hike almost finished and the sunlight fading away, I looked down and saw it: a tick. Fuck. Forgot about ticks. So I dusted myself and saw that they were crawling all over me. Stubborn little bastards, I flicked off as many as I could, but one had already attached itself to my upper inner thigh. Time to go home and break out the tweezers.

Actually, my friend took it out, with some coaching from me. And it was two ticks instead of just one.

I put ’em in a glass with some alcohol to send them to IgeneX for testing. When I put them together they immediately went at it, attacking each other. Last I checked they had attached to one another, sucking each other’s innards. I guess it’s too much to expect parasites to play nice.


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